A couple of things happened yesterday which I really want to talk about.

1) I was told by a coach with 30 years experience that coaching is a very challenging industry to get into. In fact he told me five times how challenging it was but didn’t once offer any support, encouragement or guidance.

2) Another coach said that unless you have really big goals you will be living a life of mediocrity. I found this pretty offensive as I believe the size of your goals is relative to where you are right now – most people are aiming for their version of the stars!

So, how do you pick a good goal for you, and how do you stay focused on your goal even when you’ve got naysayers around you?

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Here’s my advice for you:

  1. Set a goal that will stretch you, that gives you butterflies. If it’s too big and makes you feel nauseous, it’ll probably terrify you so much that you won’t even get started.
  2. Never waver from a 100% certainty that you will reach your goal. Write it down, or even better speak it out loud. Did you know that goals spoken out loud are 42% more likely to be achieved.
  3. Even if you only take a small step every day, you will reach your goal. Many tiny actions have a compound effect on your progess.
  4. There is always more than one way to do everything. If the first way doesn’t work, try something else. If that doesn’t work – try something else. If that doesn’t work…. You get the idea.
  5. You are more powerful than you will ever realise. You will only understand this when you really get tested and being powerful is your only choice. You have everything that you need inside you, right now.

In a networking event yesterday we were tasked with setting a goal for our business. Mine was to have a meaningful coaching conversation with 50 people over the course of the next year. Thanks to the first coach I spoke to, who said it would be challenging to break into the coaching industry (and I don’t doubt that he is wrong!), and because I LOVE a challenge, I have a new goal:

Meaningful coaching conversations with 200 people over the next year. 

What is a meaningful coaching conversation?

A minimum of one hour coaching session that is dedicated purely to you and what you need for your business, right now. A conversation that will leave you feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, that will give you courage in your decisions, help you to understand where you need to focus to have the biggest impact, and what your first steps should be (and the ones after that!).

What is my offer?

AN HOUR OF FREE COACHING. No obligation, no selling. Why? Because I don’t want anyone else to feel overwhelmed in their business, like their goals are too big (or too small!), they don’t know where to start or that they’ve got no support, guidance or encouragement. This is also a great opportunity if you’ve never experienced coaching before and you just want to dip your toe in the water! Message me to get started. You have nothing to lose and you won’t regret it.

If this isn’t for you, then please, my request is that we all just help each other out. Advice is free. Support and encouragement are free. If you can give a lot, give a lot. If you can only give a little, then give what you can.

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