Why you’re not finishing your project, and what to do about it

Starting a new project is exciting and fun. You give it all your energy, all your best time. But then…the pace slows down, you tell yourself you’ll pick it up again next week when you’ve had a break, when you’re feeling more motivated, more inspired. But….it never happens. It could be anything – a report, a half-written email out to your network, a blog post, getting your products on your website, you name it.


We often blame not finishing things on “not having enough time” but if we look deeper, what are the real reasons?

Do any of these sound like you…?

  • I don’t know what to do to complete this.
  • My final product won’t be good enough.
  • People will think “who am I to be even selling this thing”!
  • What if people buy from me! I’m terrified that I won’t be able to deliver! (the fear of success is just as real as the fear of failure by the way!)
  • I haven’t finished because I work better under pressure.
  • I’m so busy (doing things other than the thing I’m supposed to be finishing).
  • I need to do more research/speak to more people before I finish it.
  • I just need to make a few more tweaks before I put it out into the big wide world.

So, it’s not REALLY an issue of time management. It’s an issue of managing your inner fears and courage.

But what’s the issue with not finishing things? If you’re not finishing your projects or tasks then you’re not getting clients. And if you have no clients, you have no business. Unless YOU put YOURSELF out there, no one will know you’re around and you won’t be helping the people you set out to help.

So what can we do about it?

Firstly, be sure that this is something that you actually “need” to be doing for your business. If it’s not, then ditch it.

If you’re not sure what makes the biggest impact in your business, then you need to download my free BE:ORGANISED resource that helps you get clear on this. Step 2 specifically breaks down everything you are doing into four categories, so you know where to focus your energy to get maximum results for your business.

  • Work out what your own patterns are and the reasons for starting/stopping things in the past.
  • If you’re clear that you still need to finish this task, then ask yourself what the tangible benefits and outcomes are for you and your business, once you can tick it off your to do list.
  • Stop getting distracted! It may surprise you to know that sub-consciously you distract yourself ON PURPOSE! Stop checking Facebook! Better still – turn the wifi off or go somewhere where there is no wifi! Don’t check your emails, don’t check the news, don’t do the laundry! Do the thing you need to do!
  • Set a clear deadline for yourself (with a reward at the end). Get accountable – tell someone else that you’re doing it! In my private Facebook group we have weekly threads where people post what they need to get done so we stay accountable.
  • Break down your tasks into tiny, tiny steps. Work backwards from the end result that you want.
  • Block out chunks of time in your diary – Don’t overestimate how much you will get done. Stop flipping between tasks. Get strict on yourself. NO MULTI-TASKING!

Completing a project will give you more momentum, in yourself and in your business!

A couple of questions to get you started:

  1. Where do you have control or influence over finishing this task?

Most of the time, it is solely your responsibility to complete your task. If it’s not just you – who do you need to bring in to help you and what do you need from them?

2. Identify obstacles that might come up to stops you, and then think of three ways to support yourself in completing this task.

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