11 reasons to join a Mastermind

In case you’ve never heard of a Mastermind before – here’s a simple, practical reason why they work – when you hear the other participants in the group setting goals, taking action and following through, you feel inspired to keep going and doing the same.

The term “master mind” was coined by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, 75 years ago.

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind, (the master mind).

As a member of a Mastermind, you tap into the wisdom of a group of entrepreneurs. You’re exposed to different perspectives, and draw on diverse skills and experiences. You get insights, advice, support, shorten your learning curve, set goals, solve problems, and are held accountable.  You benefit by gaining a clarity of focus, getting inspired, and making better decisions.

The meeting starts with everyone in the group sharing a success they had from the last meeting. Then, there may be a short presentation from a member or expert speaker on their “area of expertise”. Following that, there is a “Hot Seats” portion of the meeting which takes the bulk of the time. The meeting ends with everyone setting a goal to accomplish before the next meeting.

  1. Think bigger. You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.
  2. Our small group size (max 6 women) means you get to be seen and heard in an exclusive, safe and nurturing space.
  3. Once you’re involved in a Mastermind, you can stop feeling lonely in your business. This group of like-minded women will support you as you support them.
  4. Make it an end of year gift to yourself and your business – and a New Year’s Resolution to set the intention for the rest of the year
  5. It’s the best value way to create massive transformation – it’s a third of the price of my one to one coaching and will NEVER be this low again
  6. New learning. Everyone in the mastermind is unique in skill, experience and connections.
  7. A space to think bigger, really focus on YOU and your desires and get the help we’re often bad at asking for
  8. Ring-fenced “CEO” time so you can work ON your business, not IN it.
  9. Experience the power of accountability as you declare your intentions and are held accountable to the Mastermind and yourself
  10. Create new friendships, expand your networks and even form collaborations on new projects! This is key to long term success.
  11. Cross-promotion. When you join a mastermind, you will most likely find ways to help each other by utilising cross promotion.
  1. I know not all of you can afford 1:1 coaching, or don’t want it. So I’ve launched a new, low-cost Mastermind, starting in January 2019. This is an effective and affordable way to get coaching, support, expert advice and encouragement from a like-minded group of business women. Find out more.
  2. Prefer one to one coaching? No problem! I’ve got a typical coaching package here but am definitely open to other ways of working together. One client is on a retainer and another has quarterly “CEO sessions” with me.
  3. If you’re not ready for that, you can find out more about me here, or get added to my regular (but not spammy!!) newsletter.
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