Hello! Great to see you here!

I’m Georgina (or George to those who know me!). I’m a Brit Down Under. Mumma to a 3 year old daughter. Wife. Rock climber. Dog person. Cheese lover. Work in progress.

I’m a coach, mentor and entrepreneur, doing what I love so that I can help YOU to get paid for doing what YOU love.

I absolutely love people. I love to learn what makes them tick. Where they know their brilliance and strengths lie and what fears they have. I live for connecting and bringing out the best in people so that they stop holding themselves back, and achieve more than they thought possible.

36623702_10160478812270433_1414227628428099584_nI work with ambitious entrepreneurs and creative bosses in the first few years of their business, who are struggling with having consistent sales and don’t believe they can actually DO THIS, but want to create a business that they love and make proper money at the same time.

What separates my service from other coaches and mentors is that I’ve totally been where you are now, which means my clients receive bespoke do-able strategies (that don’t freak them out), as well as genuine unconditional nurturing support in a 100% non-judgemental space. No cookie cutter approaches here. You are all unique and your businesses are too.

Who you are: 

You’re building your business. You’re a really genuine person and you act with integrity. You’ve had some success already and you want to build on that so that you can have a profitable business that you’re proud of and that can support you and those around you. You’re smart, you’re super motivated, you’ve got a lot to offer your clients, you love what you do, and it’s time you made even more money at it. Your biggest need right now is getting a lot more clients consistently. You want to ramp-up your business and that means more clients, pronto.

Who you REALLY are: 

You’re brilliant at what you do and have a fantastic product that people NEED, and you’re ambitious, though you might not want to recognise these aspects in yourself because you’re also humble and, if we’re being honest, a bit of a perfectionist. You’ve reached a bit of a plateau in your business or are growing too slowly for your liking. You so badly want to ramp things up to have consistent cash-flow, but right now, the sales aren’t coming as quickly as you’d like.

You’re exhausted because you often do long hours trying to make your business work. That’s because you feel like you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’, you keep procrastinating or getting distracted by “the next thing”, and you’re still learning what’s going to work to get you more clients and bring in more money consistently. You’re doing a lot of “stuff” and often feel overwhelmed, but the results aren’t exactly what you want them to be, and you know you can’t keep doing the same things anymore, because you keep getting the same under-whelming results. You might be starting to think that you’re not cut out for this after all. You see so many others doing what you want to do, and you’re measuring yourself unfavourably against them. You want to get off the entrepreneurial roller coaster where a sale or a testimonial leaves you feeling on top of the world but the quiet times make you feel utterly useless.

You’ve realised that a big part of this is yourself. You often don’t believe you’re enough. You feel you don’t know enough, you’re not ready, you don’t deserve this and you’re getting a bit sick of having this constant broken record in your head. Because there’s a chink where the brilliant light of potential success shines in that you can’t ignore. You KNOW you could DO more, BE more and deserve more but you can’t quite let yourself believe it. Now’s the time to believe it.

What you need most right now: 

Your primary goal is a strategy that works to bring in more sales and generate greater income from your business. But you also need to feel able to execute it, as all that stuff feels a bit scary right now.

You know you need to take the actions that count, and you need to do it consistently, so you also have to find some courage to take those actions. You know the things you’ve been avoiding are probably the things you need to do the most.

You want some systems to make life easier for yourself as you do a lot of the same things over and over again. And you want help with focus and gentle accountability.

You desperately want to feel better about yourself and your business. You just need someone to believe in you and help you believe that you DO deserve more and that you CAN do this.

Congratulations. You’ve reached that defining moment in your business where you have a choice to take an action. If you’re ready to take your business and your life to the next level, you and I should have a conversation.

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Pour yourself into me. I will not let a drop of you hit the ground.

–  Rudy Francisco –

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