Client Testimonials

Working with Georgina has allowed me to smash through the barriers of self doubt that had been preventing me from enjoying pursuing something I truly love.

Before working with Georgina, I was making minimal contact with my target market and worried constantly about not being good enough to be a ‘real artist’.  After working with Georgina I have been able to feel confident and proud of my work and value my ability.  This has meant I have been able to make meaningful connections and reach out or effectively to my target audience. I have enjoyed significant increases in sales across platforms that seems to be directly related to making connections and being less afraid to share myself with my audience. I’ve also taken up more offers that have arisen and sought out opportunities rather than shying away due to fear of failure. This Christmas I took part in several Christmas markets and made some great connections as well as making a lot of sales. Those connections have brought return custom, collaborations and increased exposure.

Before my first session with Georgina I was a bit of a coaching cynic but my work with her has been invaluable.  I genuinely couldn’t put a price on the ways the experience continues to help me grow. I am more than happy to answer any questions or chat to anyone that would like a layman’s perspective on utilising coaching to take your business to the next level.  Feel free to email me on or DM me on Instagram @eclecticgift.

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