I’m so excited! You’re in!

I KNOW that you won’t regret this. People who have signed up to my previous online trainings have given me such lovely feedback about how jam-packed full of value they are.

Before you go – I have something else for you:

A little about me

I’m Georgina (or George to those who know me!). I’m a Brit Down Under. Mumma to a 3 year old daughter. Wife. Rock climber. Dog person. Cheese lover. Work in progress.

I’m a coach, mentor and entrepreneur, doing what I love so that I can help YOU to get paid for doing what YOU love.

I absolutely love people. I love to learn what makes them tick. Where they know their brilliance and strengths lie and what fears they have. I live for connecting and bringing out the best in people so that they stop holding themselves back, and achieve more than they thought possible.


I work with ambitious entrepreneurs and creative bosses in the first few years of their business, who are struggling with having consistent sales and don’t believe they can actually DO THIS, but want to create a business that they love andmake proper money at the same time.

What separates my service from other coaches and mentors is that I’ve totally been where you are now, which means my clients receive bespoke do-able strategies (that don’t freak them out), as well as genuine unconditional nurturing support in a 100% non-judgemental space. No cookie cutter approaches here. You are all unique and your businesses are too.

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